Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 Things in 7 days... But Maybe not actually 7days!

Hey Guys!

I was reading Louise (aka. Sprinkleofglitters) blog post about achieving some new things in 7days and i thought it sounds like fun, i might just give that a go!
I'm most probably not going to do them all in 7days because i am quite the busy bee at the moment (which is rare for me as i'm very lazy) so i do have to continue with every day life things rather than focus all my time on this 7things malarkey! However saying that i really do want to set myself some new goals and aims & i think it's a lovely thing to do! If you have something to look forward to and to put your heart and soul into then i think that's something worth-while doing.

I Think you should all join me on my little quest and then we can discuss if we managed to achieve them!

I'll try not to fail at it, but i'll try my very best either way! So below I've listed my 7things however they are not in any particular order (just saying).

MY 7 THINGS (cue drum-roll please)...

1. Sing & play my guitar more & upload a cover to YouTube

2. Blog more (even if it's not an interesting post, it's quite therapeutic)

3. Get up earlier and do more with my day

4. Read more

5. Talk to my french friends a lot more

6. Eat at new places more often

7. Just have nice days out with friends and people i haven't seen in a while

OKAY So there not that fun or wild but i'd like to stick to them... what's your 7 things? Leave a comment x

Brooke xo


  1. number 1 is so getting done next week :) xxx

  2. I like the idea of number 6, love trying new food! (: yummy!