Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sorry, Been Away!

Hey Guys,

Sorry i haven't posted in absolutely ages! I've been on a lovely holiday to visit my friend's in the south of
France so i've been crazy busy!

This is a very short post as i am still quite busy, just letting you know i haven't forgotten about you!

I Have lately been really getting into my Youtube and am gaining new subscribers everyday which really makes me happy!

So sticking to my 7 things in well over 7 days... :S I have posted a cover to Youtube, Check it out (Or not s'up to you!)


Lots of Love

Brooke (Rose Dorée)!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 Things in 7 days... But Maybe not actually 7days!

Hey Guys!

I was reading Louise (aka. Sprinkleofglitters) blog post about achieving some new things in 7days and i thought it sounds like fun, i might just give that a go!
I'm most probably not going to do them all in 7days because i am quite the busy bee at the moment (which is rare for me as i'm very lazy) so i do have to continue with every day life things rather than focus all my time on this 7things malarkey! However saying that i really do want to set myself some new goals and aims & i think it's a lovely thing to do! If you have something to look forward to and to put your heart and soul into then i think that's something worth-while doing.

I Think you should all join me on my little quest and then we can discuss if we managed to achieve them!

I'll try not to fail at it, but i'll try my very best either way! So below I've listed my 7things however they are not in any particular order (just saying).

MY 7 THINGS (cue drum-roll please)...

1. Sing & play my guitar more & upload a cover to YouTube

2. Blog more (even if it's not an interesting post, it's quite therapeutic)

3. Get up earlier and do more with my day

4. Read more

5. Talk to my french friends a lot more

6. Eat at new places more often

7. Just have nice days out with friends and people i haven't seen in a while

OKAY So there not that fun or wild but i'd like to stick to them... what's your 7 things? Leave a comment x

Brooke xo

Monday, June 18, 2012

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review!

Why Hello there! (It's always awkward writing the intro),

I have been really really busy lately, so i haven't posted anything on my blog! I thought why not do a review on my current foundation, the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation.

The foundation is really creamy in texture and thicker than a liquid i guess because as it says it's a 'Creme' (Cream in french for all you confused people!) foundation. I feel like the slightly thicker texture makes me use less product as it glides smoothly along the face with a pea sized amount. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures! My camera had a meltdown)
It's a full coverage foundation however my skin is actually spot-free at the moment (touch wood), so i don't need a full coverage foundation. I buff a tiny amount into my skin (to get less coverage) with the Real Techniques buffing brush (which is AMAZING) and it results in such a natural, even and flawless complexion. I think this foundation would work for all skin types as it's very hydrating for people with dry skin, but not oily at all for people with oily skin such as myself. In this sense i think it's very versatile.

It's quite pricey and comes with a price tag of: 33£ ( I think) and is available at John Lewis and other department stores! 

I Think it's worth the money for a good quality foundation that lasts a long time, but obviously drugstore can also be amazing. I really like High-end foundation because i want to ensure that i'm putting something of good quality onto my skin! 

Hope this review helped, if you have any questions just comment! 

Brooke xxx 

P.s. Check out my Youtube channel My friend Mae's

(If you subscribed you would make my day... :). I'm such a looser nothing exciting happens in my life that's pretty much as good as it gets hehe!)  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Update

I'm absolutely SHATTERED therefore i don't know why i'm up this late, writing a blog post.
I just wanted to specify... i haven't given up on this blogging business yet, just been very busy.

Shall do some reviews ect soon :)

Love Brooke xo (Rose dorée)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Blindfolded Make-up Challenge!

Hey Guys!
So the other day my lovely friend Mary-Anne came round and we had tonnes and tonnes of laughs and giggles whilst making this video for your viewing pleasure ;) It's basically a Youtube Tag where you blindfold each other and do someones make-up... Well all I can say is the results were... beautiful!
I looked like a Russian prostitute and she looked like some futuristic alien...
The second part will be up soon don't you worry! But for now it's just Part 1 on Mary-Anne's channel

Love you lots!
Brooke xo (Rose dorée)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

May Favorites!

Why hello there! 

This is my very very first post on this blog and I don't even know where to start! (Panic mode).
I've got a few posts lined up for you lot (well actually not you lot because I don't have any followers at present), but hopefully will have my first follower soon which is probably wishful thinking I know... 
I decided that I would start beauty blogging because i have finished my exams and therefore thought to myself why not? I have all this spare time and maybe it will be quite therapeutic to have a nice little blog where I can just talk and talk and no one can stop me because it's my blog.  

I was filing through my mind and pondering on what sorts of things I could ramble on about, and after a few hours I have finally decided that i shall just start off with my may faves. There not that interesting but I have indeed been satisfied with them this month and hope they will continue to do so for many more months! 

So here is a list of what they are in no particular order and a little of what i think about them: 

- Some like it hot body softening thermal scrub by Soap & Glory 

This scrub claims to smell like sugar, macadamia oil, vanilla, aloe vera and white sand (if sand has a smell?)
however personally I think it has a very particular smell that I can't quite place, it's quite a soapy smell (duh) and slightly fruity however I like it and it basically heats up on body contact when your in the shower which i found really cool i feel all soft and toasty afterwards which is good in my books! 

- Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser

This moisturiser is for shine control which i loooooove because i have oily skin which drives me crazy! 
It doesn't have any smell as it's fragrance free. I use it morning and night and i just think it's a good, sturdy moisturiser. 

- Aussie miracle hair insurance leave-in conditioner

I love this stuff too much! It's for weak distressed hair and smells like a dream, really fruity and just well...nice?
It contains jojoba seed oil which smells divine and i am certain that i will be taking this to the beach with me.
It just makes my hair super soft and smell amazing. 

- Ted Baker miniature body spray

It's basically just a body spray which i keep in my handbag to spritz during the day.
It smells like: rose, sandalwood, raspberry and vanilla YUM!

- Laura Mercier silk creme foundation in beige ivory

This is a really nice creamy blendable foundation which gives great coverage. *review coming soon*

- Kenzo flower perfume (don't know the exact name) 

Smells amazing, long wearing floral scent that's perfect for the summer!

- L'oréal Paris False Lash Telescopic Mascara

It has a very thin brush that gives a really nice natural non-clumpy effect to the lashes.

- Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser

It's like a little creamy exfoliating cleanser and my face looks and feels clean afterwards and has defiantly reduced blemishes. It smells like herbs as it contains rosemary but isn't unpleasant and is actually very refreshing as far a scents go.

- Tresemmé frizz control finishing cream

Keeps away fly-aways and makes my hair frizz free! woo! 

- Topshop Nail Varnish in Gone Fishing 

A lovely minty pastel green which really is a perfect colour for summer, it also accentuates my tan...Bonus.

- Tangle Teezer hair brush

Just a nice hair brush can't really say much on this one!

- Topshop Cream Blush in Flush

Lovely dotty packaging and very creamy consistency that turns to powder once blended.
It's a hot pink colour but when you blend it onto the cheeks it turns to a very natural flushed look.

- The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory

AMAZING body butter i cannot express my love for this product... it smells insane i love love love the scent (maybe it's just me) and it's a long lasting scent. It's non greasy (which is amazing yet again) and my skin feels like a baby's bum when i've put it on my body. 

- Naked Palette by Urban Decay

I love this Palette i have number 2 also however number one is my fave! I use it everyday.
My fave everyday colours are Buck (a medium brown) & Naked (a light brown almost nude colour) and am also particularly fond of Smog (a glittery brown).

- EOS lipbalm in honeydew melon

Just a basic lipbalm which smells amazing and keeps dry lips at bay.

- Real Techniques Brushes (Powder brush and blending brush)

Sooooo soft, and amazing for achieving a flawless look. 

- Random rings

Dress up any look really quickly without even thinking about it, i love the over sized fake gemstone ones and cross rings! 

- And last but not least my Links of London charm bracelet

My Nan got it for me last Christmas and i just think it's adorable i wear it as often as i can.

WELL That's all for my first hefty blog post ( i had a lot to say sorry...)

Lots of Love