Monday, June 18, 2012

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review!

Why Hello there! (It's always awkward writing the intro),

I have been really really busy lately, so i haven't posted anything on my blog! I thought why not do a review on my current foundation, the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation.

The foundation is really creamy in texture and thicker than a liquid i guess because as it says it's a 'Creme' (Cream in french for all you confused people!) foundation. I feel like the slightly thicker texture makes me use less product as it glides smoothly along the face with a pea sized amount. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures! My camera had a meltdown)
It's a full coverage foundation however my skin is actually spot-free at the moment (touch wood), so i don't need a full coverage foundation. I buff a tiny amount into my skin (to get less coverage) with the Real Techniques buffing brush (which is AMAZING) and it results in such a natural, even and flawless complexion. I think this foundation would work for all skin types as it's very hydrating for people with dry skin, but not oily at all for people with oily skin such as myself. In this sense i think it's very versatile.

It's quite pricey and comes with a price tag of: 33£ ( I think) and is available at John Lewis and other department stores! 

I Think it's worth the money for a good quality foundation that lasts a long time, but obviously drugstore can also be amazing. I really like High-end foundation because i want to ensure that i'm putting something of good quality onto my skin! 

Hope this review helped, if you have any questions just comment! 

Brooke xxx 

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